How Importance is Technical Writing to your Brand?

How Important is technical writing to a brand


How Important is Technical Writing


How important is technical and UX writing to a brand? it’s million Dollar question when it comes to the amount of information needed to convert leads to buying customers. Most writings in business are technical writing but many people don’t see it that way.

A technical writer or technical communicator uses proper words and techniques to ensure an instruction is clear, concise and technically correct. Read More

How to create and execute successful content marketing strategy.

Creating and implementing a successful content marketing strategy is vital to the growth and survival of your brand. Real content marketing challenge is turning out to be a connection, distribution, and promotion.

successful content marketing strategy

You have to ask yourself, what kinds of content marketing strategy do I you need to implement, that will guarantee continued success. Having it at the back of your mind, that content marketing is not about what you sell, it’s about what you stand for: Will allow you to create and execute a successful content marketing strategy. Read More

Ultimate reasons to hire a technical writer

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Most tech companies never really see the reasons why they need a technical writer; they believe a Programmer can write the User Instructions needed to use such program. The fact still remains that the developer or programmer will never write for user experience rather they write from their own point of view as a programmer.

When company let a programmer write the customer instructions, the Programmer explains how the software was built and the underlying architecture. A user in a hurry with a job to accomplish could not care less how you built your system; what your customers want to know is how to DO various things in a short, direct, numbered step using your software Read More

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Transform Your Business by Hiring a Tech Writer Who Understands Your Industry


It’s frustrating not being able to explain what you do and why it matters to your targeted audience. This is true whether you’re a startup tech company with only a handful of clients or a government agency serving hundreds to thousands of constituents.

Do you feel frustrated or lost when trying to write your own content by yourself? Are you losing potential clients to your competitor as a result of poor content? Do you wish you could find someone who understands just how you should be connecting with your customers and clients in order to get the maximum results? Read More