Content Marketing the Future of Online Marketing

Content Marketing the Future of Online Marketing

Online marketing in the days of overture’s pay per click adverts, to the present day Google AdSense program has changed over the time due to the way consumers respond to an online advertisement. Effective Content Marketing has proven to be the rave in the future of online marketing.

A couple of years back precisely in August 2015 report from page fair shows that over 200 million people were already using ad blockers to prevent unsolicited adverts from annoying marketers. The effect of that singular report was a great relief for consumers and nightmares for marketers who are desperately in a rush to showcase their brand message to the world.

A whole lot of researchers has shown how big brands of today in online marketing demonstrated the effectiveness of content marketing to every industry and companies of any size. Engaging content is what consumers need to interact with a good brand and it has proven to be the best way to retain customers and increase dozens of highly qualified leads.

High-quality engaging contents that get to the heart of the consumers are very expensive and it takes times and hard work to craft one. But the result, in the long run, is massive. Compelling, valuable content produces brand recall, which increases engagement and leads to more site growth than their competitors in any industry.

Personalized content promotes higher engagement rates and enables consumers to remember a particular brand, a survey by IBM Digital Experience reported that 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates which leads to a positive feedback that benefits both consumer and brand owners.

There is a huge customer experience gap, 69% of the companies say they offer superior online experience to their customers and 81% also said they have or close to having a holistic view of their customers, while 51% of the customers who left the companies blame their exits on bad online experience and only 37% of customers say their favorite retailer understands them. You can see there’s a massive gap between what brand think and what customers are saying.

Online marketers, who produce high-quality engaging, relevant content, attract targeted audiences who spend significant time on their sites. On the long run, this engagement leads to higher levels of brand recognition, which boosts sales and encourages ongoing patronage. According to a recent survey by News Cred Insights post, the average time people spend on articles is 37 seconds which has proven that content marketing is really effective in growing brand awareness.


The cost of quality content marketing can never be compared to outbound marketing in terms of result and the impact they have on consumers. Content marketing generates three to four-time lead than outbound marketing. Another recent study shows that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

Some brand owners are never really comfortable using content marketing strategy to raise brand awareness; they believe it can’t provide their prospect with the information needed to make a positive buying decision. Recent studies have proven otherwise.

When content marketing adopters and non-adopters are compared, the adopters have conversion rates that triple their competitors result. While content marketing requires an investment of time, money, and skill, it drives much higher conversion rates than its traditional marketing counterparts. Especially when using multiple channels to reach out to a targeted audience.

The reasons why more organizations are embracing content marketing strategy today is because it has become such a profitable marketing method that lead to better communication with its customers in the most targeted and effective way possible. Another study also reveals that 73% of major organizations hire someone to manage their content marketing strategy.

If they’re not getting a positive result the percentage wouldn’t have been so high. Adopt content marketing strategy today and transform your brand.

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