The Emerging Role of User Experience (UX) Writers

UX Writers

The demand for user experience writers by big players in the tech industry is rising by the day. This makes analyst spot a new trend in both narrative and conversational writing, it also marks the beginning of a new set of skills for writers in the tech industry.

Before the trend analysis, let see who is actually a User Experience Writer? UX Writer as it’s commonly called is a professional with deep understanding of narrative and conversational design, he or she crafts copies that help users complete the task at hand. As UX writer, it’s your job to make sure users aren’t frustrated or annoyed when using your app or website.

UX Writers will write innovative, memorable and effective copies, and combine creative inspiration with creative leadership, to introduce a new set of ideas and experiences to the targeted audience. These copies must embody the voice of the organization, and also take the user into consideration.

The increasing amount of overlap between graphical user interfaces (GUI) and voice user interfaces (VUI) necessitates this new set of skills. The reality of UX design today is as a result of our experiences with smart technology, advanced technology is gradually being integrated into our lives every moment of the day.

The need for UX writers aren’t going anywhere, they’re here to stay. As smart technology evolve the demand for UX writers will rise, this role will become increasingly important as the industry begins to clearly define the role and responsibility.

Since this is an emerging role there’s no accurate description of the role, different organizations are beginning to define the role to align with their organizational philosophy. A typical example is Google referring to their UX writing team as the “resident wordsmiths.

As this role is still emerging the criteria for hiring UX writer is still not well defined, most companies prefer educational background in communication and other related formal training in technical writing, creative writing, public relation, and journalism.

Most job descriptions aim at cross-team collaboration as critical responsibility in UX writing. This is likely not a surprise to anyone who’s worked professionally as any kind of writer; everyone has an opinion about words. For a writer to fit into the role of a UX writer he or she must be a cross-functional candidate.

However there are basic UX methods a writer must learn and practice to fit into the role of UX writer, Irrespective of the change in job description in the future, Learning the basics of design, information architecture, front-end development, usability tests, prototypes, web analytics, A/B tests, personas, scenarios, affinity diagrams, concept, User interviews, models, sketches, flow diagrams, sitemaps, wireframes, etc. are just some of the skills needed to perform this role.

If you don’t design a systematic approach for articulating what you learn about your users to others on your team or even a loose process to iterate on your ideas for what they’ll experience, you might find it difficult to fit into the role of User Experience writer.

what some of our clients are saying.

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