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If you want more traffic, more sales, higher ranking on SERP, better perception or recognition in your industry, emotionally engaging contents are just what you need.

We’re versatile tech writers who can combine our understanding of the industry with what your audience really wants to read.

Top 5 Reasons Why you need to work with us

100% Money back guarantee.

100% Top-Notch Content Guarantee.

100% unique content guarantee.

Highest quality guarantees.

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We achieve the above by planning and executing your content strategy in 5 easy steps:

  1. Plan your Content Strategy

The first stage we:

  • Do an analysis of your industry and competitors
  • Create a buyer Personas
  •  Optimize your web pages
  • Come up with topic ideas relevant to your targeted audience
  1. Content Creation

We create engaging content through the following:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics and videos
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletter
  • E-books etc.
  1. Content Promotion

We promote your content in every possible way to your potential customers for maximum results:

  • We do influencer marketing in your industry
  • We plan and execute result-oriented social media campaigns
  • We create and send Emails to your list
  • We build relevant links that we help your ranking in search engines.


  1. Comprehensive analysis

We do a comprehensive analysis of new keywords ideas and improve on it using the following tools:

  • Google Analytics service
  • A/B testing
  • Semrush for competitive analysis
  • Ahref
  1. Positive Results

At this last stage, we give you the positive result that’s 100% guaranteed!

  • Make you more money.
  • Increase your brand presence.
  • Increase your loyal customers.
  • Improve the number of qualified leads
  • Attract huge traffic to your blog/website

With the 5 simple steps above, we can help meet your content needs through the following services:

Content Strategy

We plan and execute your content strategy to meet your business goals and objectives, it is time for your brand to evolve its strategy to compete on a global level or die. Let me give you some research that shows content marketing delivers over 54% more lead than normal traditional outbound marketing, and over 70% of consumers agreed that engaging content draws them closer to a company’s brand.

If you don’t use content marketing to engage your audience, you’re losing out on most of your leads. You can hire us to plan and execute your content strategy. We will be glad to help your business grow.

Blog Posts

According to a research by content marketing institute 82% of internet marketers who have and maintain a blog see a positive return on investment (ROI) for their inbound marketing, and marketers that make blogging their priority are 13 times more likely to see and enjoy a positive return on investment.

If blogging is not part of your marketing strategy, you are losing a lot of potential customers. If you can produce one piece of engaging content per week, you’ll become an authority in your niche in less than six months, and you know what that means to your business. We can help you achieve that if you make use of our services.


If you want to be relevant as a busy Executive of a company, you have to get top quality content written in your name on your blog. If you want your voice to be heard and build your reputation as an authority in your industry you need someone to do the writing for you.

If you make use of our services we can do that for you and anybody won’t find out that we wrote the articles for you.

Landing Page Content Writing

Landing page, content writing is a skill that’s exclusively reserved for talented copywriters. We’ll make sure your targeted audience takes the necessary action you want them to take on your page.

We will help you create persuasive and compelling landing page content that gets your audience to act. We’ll go beyond crafty engaging content and optimize it for all the search engines so and make it rank well for your chosen keywords in the long run.


Newsletters are one of the most effective and profitable of all marketing channels, it’s a marketing strategy that outperforms social media and other marketing channels. A study by Monetate group who analyzed 500 million shopping experiences, found out that email marketing beats both social media and organic search combined when it comes to conversion rate.

Did you know that you can expect a whopping $38 for every $1 you spent on email marketing? A study by the Direct Marketing Association proofs it. Email marketing can add a significant boost to your sales and revenue. You can hire us to do it right for you for maximum result and positive return on investment (ROI).


Creating reports in form of e-book and whitepapers are one of the best ways to connect with your customers. And it also helps you convert leads to buying customers. If you want to be relevant in your niche, you must create these reports to cement your position as an industry thought leader.

Let us create them for you with no effort on your side and we’ll gladly credit you as the rightful owner.

Guest Posts

One of the smartest ways to earn recognition in your industry as an expert is to have social proof through guest blogging on authoritative sites in your niche. Guest posts boost your rank in SERP and your brand recognition in your chosen niche.

Imagine you been featured on a Forbes website that has over a million readers? Did you know what that means to your brand? You can achieve that by hiring us to write a quality guest post in your name on some of the most authoritative and popular blogs in your niche.

Copywriting Services

Crafting quality sales copy that sells millions of dollars is not for mediocre copywriters. If you want your products and services to sell millions of dollars contact us for a compelling sales copy that converts easily. We’ll put your business ideas in writing and make sure they convert your leads to buying customers.

Research Article And Documentations

We are tech writers, we know what it takes to produce an epic post and in-depth research that resonate with your audience. With the rapid growth in technology, we’re always on top of the latest news and development in the tech industries.

Our researcher and writers have been featured in Authoritative tech blogs and magazines, we have covered both well-known technology and business topics. We have written and conducted business research on virtually all the topics below:

  • Big data,
  • Data Centers,
  • Telecommunication
  • Cloud computing,
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  •  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),
  • Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Augmented and virtual reality,
  • Mobile and web app development
  • Parse servers
  • Serverless data platform,
  • Push notification technology
  • Machine learning(ML),
  • Artificial intelligence(AL)
  • Cloud storage and technology,
  • IaaS
  • FaaS,
  • SaaS,
  • PaaS,
  • BaaS, MbaaS,
  • Blockchain,
  • 5G internet technology,
  • Smart buildings and smart cities,
  • Connected devices,
  • Cybersecurity, intelligent robots,
  • Manufacturing and marketing best practices (automobile, aeronautics, software)
  • Handheld and wearable devices,
  • Mobile technology,
  • Medical equipment manufacturing,
  • Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS),
  • Front End of Innovation,
  • Self-drive cars, and many more.


Now that the number of mobile phones in the world has exceeded the total world population and our attention span has been reduced from twelve seconds to eight seconds with one second, lesser than that of a goldfish, how do we get across our message to the targeted audience in just eight seconds?

That’s the more reason you need a copywriter that can write emotionally engaging content to capture your voice and reach out to your targeted audience in less than eight seconds.

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