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Top 5 Heroku Alternatives

A Robust serverless database platform

Parse Alternatives — Reliable Choice Parse Users

Heroku Alternative — How Back4app is a Great Alternative to Heroku



Why your business needs a mobile app to grow.

How many times have you heard a conversation, there’s a mobile app for that? Virtually everything we do these days, there’s a mobile app for them all.

Looking at how Desktop computers were replaced by Laptops, and Laptops being replaced by Smartphones, you don’t need anyone to tell you mobile apps is the future of any business who want to be relevant…


What Is A Carrier Neutral Data Center and its benefits?

With the rapid growth of the Internet and the recent needs for multiple connectivities, how could you possibly know what’s best for your business or your organization?

What does it even mean to colocate your IT infrastructure in a Carrier Neutral data center? Before we define the term carrier-neutral data center, let us see what a data center is?


Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends to Prepare for in 2018.

As cloud computing and services begin to gain wider acceptance, even in some sectors where growth has been minimal, like the finance and healthcare sectors, more enterprises are beginning to adopt cloud services.


successful content marketing strategyHow to create and execute successful content marketing strategy.

Creating and implementing a successful content marketing strategy is vital to the growth and survival of your brand. Real content marketing challenge is turning out to be a connection, distribution, and promotion.